Phive [of GodBody) Releases “The Warm Up” (Prod. Phive) | @PhiveOfGodBody

12:51:00 PM

Phive is really in a world of his own. He has to be the first artist to represent for the real dab community. Orlando, Florida based Producer & Glass Artist, Phive is working hard. His newest record “The Warm Up” stands out like a sore thumb. He raps about his life and taking trips out to cali with his brother who loves to stunt. Reality rap is really catching a lot of attention online at this time. His style and flow is rapid fire with word play. He reminds me of Dipset’s Camron a little actually. He uses wordplay but he raps a lot faster than Camron. The beat gives you that grand opening vibe. Phive is really going in bar for bar. This is missing big time in the game, real lyrics over real beats. Phive is looking to build his brand track by track. With him gearing up to release more exclusive content top of 2017. The sky is really the limit for this Orlando artist. In the meantime check out the record below.

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