LB Cyphers “Lowkey Brilliant” [EP] | @LB_Cyphers

8:19:00 AM

Northside Atlanta artist LB Cyphers has finally released his project “Lowkey Brilliant”. Its a 9 song Ep full of hits ready for any moment. The EP starts off with a record called “Act Like It” which will have you dabbing all over the venue. “Hella Tree” is about LB blowing so many trees with a bad shortie. “Touchdown” sounds like something that matches the wave of what’s going on in the music scene right now. The record “Krispy Kreme” is for the ladies all the way. LB Cyphers did a good job making a project that everyone could relate to. One of my favorites “Role Models” stuck out like a sore thumb. The hook and the beat goes together like a combo. “Plottin” catches my ear because LB gives a laid back delivery throughout the record. Tone of voice sounds different on this one. “Get It” fits in pocket where it is on the project. Matches the vibe of the tracklist perfect. Another record that will have you dabbing all over the venue. One thing we know LB is in it for the millions. “What Was Was” Features Phil Marks and Jon Banks. Perfect record to roll a few up to with your lady. Being the plug got everybody in love. Last song of the project features Fuzz Rico. Its called “La La” and its so chill. Fuzz really laced this one to the tee. Enough with all the hype. Check out the project below and vibe out!

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