@Thunderstonefm 6/2/16: #TRAPTHURSDAYZ - REAL DOPE DEALER

1:59:00 PM

We started with 38 slaps but narrowed it down to a clean 11. We coulda released the whole jawn, but we’re tastemakers and prefer shorter works because they’re more digestible. I mean, no one has the time to listen to some shit for a 1hr and a half or 2hrs. Let’s be real. If you wanna check out the candidate list, though, head over to soundcloud.com/thunderstone-radio/sets/trap-thursdayz-real-dope. It’s on deck. Both the candidate list and Trap Thursdayz slap though, fr.

But we hope these tracks inspire you to hit those back blocks and deal that work efficiently, like a real dope dealer. Be sure to follow us on Soundcloud @Thunderstone-Radio for a curated playlist of slaps every day.

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