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The opening track to Blue Summers Party, "Hallway". Blue Summers is a ten track, open source collaboration that invites all artists to create to a uniform body of music that everyone in the creative culture can be connected to. Special thanks to our sponsors The Brewery Recording Studios, DJ Zeke, It's Bizkit, and Dinner Land. For stems and master session file shares, contact blue@dinner-land.com.#BLUESUMMERS #THISISBIRTHDAY

We are honored to present the first piece of our Summer project, Blue Summers Party by Birthday.  Here’s “Hallway” an upbeat groove that is open for all artists, rappers, singers, DJs, creatives, etc to collaborate on.  For more make sure you visit BirthdayCakeMusic.com and follow the Dinner Land Sound God @THISisBIRTHDAY for all the updates.

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