@Zaymatic Drops Long-Awaited Project “ #ZAYDONOVAN "

12:34:00 PM

The spot for Florida’s number 1 hip-hop MC is wide open, and Fort Lauderdale’s own Zaymatic is coming for that spot unapologetically. Today Zaymatic drops his anticipated project “ZAYDONOVAN” on the masses. After amassing success through high-energy shows and revered opening slots, as well as his gaining popularity online with his music, Zaymatic’s “ZAYDONOVAN” serves as an artistic milestone making its mark on his road to success.

The Hazy Company is a 3-year-old venture started by Zaymatic that has turned into not only a successful clothing line in south Florida, but the backbone of Zaymatic’s music and business presence. “ZAYDONOVAN” came to fruition through the hard work and experiences brought to Zay through The Hazy Company, and pays homage to all the success the team has seen thus far.

Zaymatic has managed to build a fanbase and begin a music career all before his 21st birthday, and “ZAYDONOVAN” will show you why this Floridian is in the running for the state’s best MC. Check out “ZAYDONOVAN” and be on the lookout for Zaymatic to take over your screen more and more this year….

WRITTEN BY: "JMo" -  Jahmal Walker
Millennium Age Consulting

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