Joe Budden Talks Drake's "Views," & Says it Sounds "Uninspired"

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With first day Apple and iTunes sales having been reported at 630,000 equivalent units, Drake's April 28 drop of the much anticipated 'Views' album, will have had a full 7 days to grow on listeners by the time Billboard announces totals for the week ending on Thursday (May 5). For those who feel how Slaughterhouse rapper Joe Budden feels about it, the Toronto rapper's 4th offering sounds "uninspired". In the latest episode of his 'I'll Name This Podcast Later" show, the Jersey City lyricist opened up about Drizzy's more recent work, supposing that the world may have already seen the former actor's better days on the mic.  
“Have we seen Drake peak? I think that question has been floating around the universe for a little while,” Budden said. "If I go in deep, I start with the mumblings of a Weeknd/Drake beef. I’m going that far back, because I’m putting the peak — if I’m taking that side of the argument — I’m putting the peak at Take Care. All I know that happened after that is that The Weeknd left, and I know that The Weeknd has done rather f***ing well since leaving.”
While Budden's critique continued on, with admission that he neither was a fan of If You're Reading This, It's Too Late nor What a Time to Be Alive, his praise for producer Noah 40 Shebib came in the same light Budden had shined upon The Weeknd, stating that the album proves that (as opposed to Drake) the OVO Sound co-founder has "progressed". If anything, Joey confessed that he doesn't see much different between the content on So Far Gone and the content on Views, implying that the Forbes Five rapper hasn't evolved.
Reviews of Views haven't exactly jumped off of the page.  But while it's reception has yet distinguished the work as "acclaimed", the numbers won't lie. According to Billboard,Views is projected to have pushed in the ballpark of 900,000 for it's opening week, with a real possibility of displacing Beyonce's Lemonade from the chart's #1 spot. 

written by Tone Are

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