[VIDEO] @Zaymatic X @SolesInc Attack #SXSW W/ #THCTV

8:51:00 PM

Check out the progress and the grind of one of the hottest south florida artist out rn. As he reps his clothing line hazy company and it has caught the attention of one of Miami's largest entities and hes not backing down. Check out how he has opened for some of the biggest artist out. Plus building his company by staying hazy with his networking and grynd that cannot be denied. Hes building relationships and traveling on some "any means necessary" shit ... untill he where he needs to be. Recently did interviews with dinnerland and doing about 3 shows a week. With rhymes and visions of an already established artist. Check out his adventures with his right hand man who is the videographer of the future .. just a PSA beware of the come up dude that has built up a impressive resume before his 21st birthday. As hes set to have an album release party in Miami at the sole inc store , and its obvious to see that big things are in this young mans future


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