[VIDEO] #Comeup @Heirdash @Ogshahef @21savage Catch a CT Performance Body [Shot by @benfredette]

5:57:00 PM

SHOT BY @BenFredette

Celeberty videograher and photographer made his way up to CT to witness the future of the underground .. and with his state of the art camera he caputures some kids just trying to let their voice be heard with a underground pressence that is only know by few and kept secret by many to keep exclusivness if this knowledge. Just like the clothing lines like FTP the secret is out .. that these gryndfest mixtape artist are here for the summer run for the money


. @HeirDash performing 'FETTI' last night in Bridgeport, Connecticut. PART 3. @HZGLOBAL @TAN_COCAINE pic.twitter.com/bnM6aPaKGT

performing 'RED OPPS' last night in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

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