Stevie Wonder Speaks on Prince #RIPPPRINCE

12:39:00 AM

#RIPPRINCE  got to see him live in concert ... first to not be controlled by labels and control his own music ... never been bootlegged and could play every instrument..tough

Countless people have sent their regards and condolences for Prince's unfortunate and untimely death. Last night, Stevie Wonder also talked about the legendary artist in an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper 360. The clip is introduced with Prince talking about Stevie Wonder's influence on his work in an interview with Larry King. Wonder then states that the influence is mutual, saying: "He was a great musician. He loved music. He loved playing his instrument. The times that we did jam together were amazing with all of the various people that he would bring together, and most of all he brought all the various cultures together." Watch the clip above.

Author: HP Cheung

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