[DIGGERS ONLY] @MFDoom Origins Mashup by @NOwFUTUR .. Late if you didnt know

10:55:00 AM

A great Mashup brought together of Dooms samples... Real Diggers know movies like Deathwish ,  Yellow Submarine and heard these breaks as the spend countless hrs listening to bullshit to finally find that break.  Also keeping thier secrets close.. But Doom has found a way to be year ahead of the curve and stay in the lead by choosing quality of samples.  Check out this incredible mash up brought to you by Now Future.

 And so we proceed and continue with the visual culture features. The Parisian geniuses Now Future put in a mountain of work tracking down original MF Doom sample materials, re-chopping them to drum beats and essentially composing their own versions–like a feast made home-style with the help of the villain’s recipe cards. But then, Now Futur really went and did the damn thing by setting the entire 45 minute mixtape to some vintage video clips, kicking the throwback flavor through the roof. It’s a creative, slightly-unorthodox way to remind us of the brilliance of Doom’s production work. Watch the full video piece above, or enjoy the audio-only mix file below.

Credit: @okayplayer

Currency feat MF Doom & Dom Kennedy - Hennesy Beach (extended) (prod. by Mr. Rodgers)


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