@Soulection Radio Show #177 Ft. (Dpat + Sivey's Live Set)

11:06:00 AM

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Sorry that it took so long to get this show up. This one was definitely the hardest session to put together in our whole history of existence. We did this session from Oakland, CA right after our gig at the early hours of the morning and had many technical restraints including a bad mic. We're working on perfecting this show when we are on the road. No excuses. Due to limitations we made up for it by including a live recording of Dpat's recent set at our TSOT residency @ the Echoplex last Thursday. We also included a quick live set from Sivey while we played in London at The Nest during our EU tour.
On the other hand we were hesitant about uploading this show because we are fearful of it getting taken down like our recent Show #171 which was taken down for 'Copyright Infringements'. This is a serious matter that is going on in the music/internet world -- especially on SoundCloud. UMG is taking more of an aggressive approach and we pretty much feel like we are walking on egg shells when it comes to certain remixes or original mainstream tracks that we play. For more info read more here: doandroidsdance.com/news/soulection…undcloud-tweets + keep your eyes and ears open.
Catch you this Saturday. Much love.
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Track list
Joe Kay's Set (0 - 1:09:00)
1. Geode -Variations on a Theme- Smokin Sessions
2. Geode -Some Friday Flavour- Smokin Sessions
3. Congi, Geode, B9 - She
4. Sam Gellaitry - POWDER
5. Sam Smith - Leave Your Lover (Esta Remix)
6. Sam Gellaitry - RETALIATE
7. Sam Gellaitry - grot
8. TEK.LUN - GloStik
9. Chromatic - Paper Cups
10. Jay-Z - N**** What, N**** Who (Instrumental)
11. Salute - GRLS
12. Sivey - Slow wave
13. Trashbat - Takamarachi
14. RAVEN - Is It Real
15. Jarreau Vandal - Fanny Pack
16. The Code - Gravity
17. Mndsgn - Camelblues
18. AFTA-1 & Cazeaux Oslo - Marvelous Magical Jackobious Son (A Sweaterless Suite)
19. Little Dragon - Fortune (AFTA-1 Remix)
20. Pomo - Work It Out
21. Usher - U Don't Have To Call (Nehzuil Remix)
22. Dam Funk - Love Is Here 2nite (I Can Feel It)
23. MED - Classic ft Talib Kweli (Instrumental)
24. Ahwlee - 86.
25. Common - So Far To Go
26. Knxwledge. - yo[WTT]
Dpat's Live Set from Echoplex/TSOT LA [Rec. on June 26, 2014] (1:09:00 - 1:45:55)
Sivey's Live Set from The Nest w/ Soulection (LDN) [Rec. on May 30, 2014](1:45:55 - 2:13:20)
Joe Kay's Live Set from Tolhuistuin (Amsterdam) [Rec. on June 1, 2014](2:13:20 - End of Session)

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