[VIDEO] The Selfie Interviews With Rocko W/ [ @Rocko4Real ]

8:54:00 PM

The Selfie Interviews (#SelfieInterviews) is a new way to enjoy interviews from your favorite artist but, there is a unique twist to these interviews, Selfies Interviews are interviews of the artist and BY the artist! With this new approach, we can ask questions that most journalists would not dare as. This series you don't know how the artist will act towards their own "alter ego" and finally no question is out of bounds!

Selfie Interviews are a cool take on getting caught up with today's top Hip-Hop talent and Rocko the first Selfie Interview where responds to Nas' blazing lyrical on their song "Hustle," and the forbidden question of what really happened with Rocko and Monica, and more!


Directed by Steve Raze

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