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I couldn’t be what everyone wanted me to be. I couldn’t be anybody but Genre’. Throughout the years of trying to break into this industry, I’ve been told what I needed to be, how I needed to be and even who I needed to be. I was told that I needed to find a niche, what genre do I fit in to? Who will everyone compare me to? What artist am I similar to? What sound defines me? People telling me I needed to be just like the next person, all the while telling me, I needed to find myself so that I could stand out and be unique in the industry. People telling me, “Oh great, you’ve been compared to Whitney Houston, but we already had a Whitney Houston, we don’t need another one.” …How confusing. How am I supposed to sound and be like someone else AND be completely different? I never had an answer for all these questions—that was my problem. Starting my own label was my solution. Be my own boss. Being my own boss would allow me to fully be Genre’…which is all I know how to be. Years of frustration willed me to take measures into my own hands. Everyone has the answer, yet no one can be 100% certain. No one can tell you the exact formula and yet everyone wants to tell you they can. One thing I do know, is that I don’t know everything. I know that I didn’t know how to be extremely similar and completely different at the same time. So I decided that I would do things my way. The Genre’ way. I might fail but at least I would fail while being myself, and not a “me” that some other unsure person created. That way there would be no regrets. No wondering, “what if I had done things my way? How would things have turned out?” I will know, because that’s exactly what’s happening—I’m doing things my way.

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