Brooklyn Way (Official Video) - @Sean_Hampton all he needed was rocket fuel.. SH is nice! BK killa

11:45:00 PM

Coming from the mean streets of Brooklyn, our county is often misrepresented by others. Giving off a negative vibe any and everytime you here of Brooklyn. Sean's message with this song is to convince all listners that spreading love is indeed the "Brooklyn Way" . You will here him touch on rap artists holding BK down, as well as past, present and future Brooklyn events. Such as the story of 3 Brooklyn guys resposible for the murder of P.O Russell Timoshenko; Brooklyn's soon to be "Barclay Center", new home of the Brooklyn Nets; Other Bk landmarks such as "Juniors", E.Parkway (famous for Carribean Carival), the luxury homes (known as brownstones) which have been a part of Brooklyn for many years. Most importantly he fully expresses one's way of living and the struggle of Brooklynites. **Lyrics available on Sean's WEBSITE

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