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Coop (Producer) of Young Buck Feat. All-Star "Hit Em Up" Responds Back: Claims Beat Maker Noodles Is Phony & Shows Proof He Made The Beat

Producer Noodles reports "Ok Before anybody says anything. i know the piano i used is a sample but when you take 2 producers and give them one thing to sample your gonna get 2 completely different beats. well as you see here my beat and the other dudes beat is almost exactly the same, from the way its chopped up, set up, beat drops, and almost even bpm. is too much alike to be a coincidence. My beat is the blue print, the other producer just followed it. Buck may not even know about this but someone in his camp is shady, I just looked it up now and it says "coop" produced the one buck is on so I just wanna know what's the deal. What really is going on.ima let you be the judge". Messed up if true. But still that track is fire

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