start flipping crack live studio session pt 28

11:16:00 PM

crazy drum session live tough beats pt25

11:48:00 PM

skillin the voice and drunz live edition pt 24

11:34:00 PM

live beat recording 2:11 pt 23 (got my mind)

11:13:00 PM

crackjuice found grooove pt22

10:49:00 PM

still gryndin beat live update pt22

10:41:00 PM

opening of stupid track in studio live pt.20

9:42:00 PM

sample start crackjuce pt 18

9:36:00 PM

2 gutta beats in an hour!! pt.15

6:20:00 PM

gutta beats 101 come in pt14

5:56:00 PM

I teach lessons with the beatz pt12

5:45:00 PM

makin beats!! gotta fell me part 11

5:39:00 PM

luve studio killin the beat part10

5:29:00 PM

making crack!! listen part 9

5:25:00 PM

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