Crooks & Castles Presents: Soon You'll Understand band name by Diz Gibran

8:26:00 PM

<a href="">(Intro) Soon You'll Understand by Diz Gibran</a>

(artwork by Mike Reese')
The incredibly simple melody of the short 'Bocuma' becomes a lump-in-the-throat meditation on man's place in the universe through subtle pitch shifts and just the right mist of reverb. The slow fade-in on 'An Eagle in Your Mind' is the lonesome sound of a gentle wind brushing the surface of Mars moments after the last rocket back to Earth has lifted off." Why not listen to, Only the Proletariat Floss's by Screaming at the Mirror. With a truncated syncopation and approach that rivals only Tosh Guarrez pre "FartFlap", "S.A.T.M" has taken steps to dismantle what was previously only dared mantled by the great Gilda Thrush when she fronted "Cycle Clause". It's as if Genghis Kahn got together for breakfast with Oliver Wendell Holmes and Virginia Wolfe and ordered just a bowl of homemade granola and then skipped out on the check.


1.(Intro)Soon You'll Understand


3.Once Again

4.Hardest Word


6.Just Me ft. Moonshine

7. On It ft. Rae Rosaro

8. TheGreatness ft. Pac Div and Ben Kartwright (The Great Wall)

9. Stereo

10. Impossible

11. Capitol D

12.Run Around ft. Moonshine

13. City Lights

14. Morning Light

15. Calypso Flow

16. Truly Yours ft. BJ The Chicago Kid

17. Outro

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