LONDON STAND UP!! Toronto 2007 - Benga - Diary Of An Afro Wobbler

1:21:00 PM


Tempa, London, UK

Benga Adejumo is a 21-year-old dubstep producer from Croydon, South London. He's the one to blame for the legion of people humming the narcotically addictive beeping line from his soon-come Tempa release with fellow steppah Coki. That 'bo bo bo boo boo boo boo bleep' call? It's called Night. He's been on the scene since the tender age of 13 when he first went to lynchpin night, Forward to hear his debut track Skank being spun by Hatcha. A slew of influential tracks followed - his spooky, heavy early teen collaboration with Skream, titled Judgement; reggae-sampling unreleased gems like World War 7 and The Fittest; and tracks that match his plugged-into-the-mainframe DJ style like the head-blowing, tempo-shattering Crunked Up. He's ready to blow.

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