FRESH KIKS ALERT!!! U-N-I : Keys 2 the City LA : KREAM Edition

11:15:00 PM

Thurz & YO have proven that they are far more than just sneaker rappers. The new Mixtape with Mick Boogie and the leaks we've heard from A Love Supreme demonstrate the guys growth as emcees and as people. But let's not forget that these dudes are still sneaker crazy. I mean, Y-O lovingly referred to the sneakers he had on this new Keys 2 the City segment as his Mork & Mindies (remember that sitcom with Robin Williams as an alien), who names their sneakers? These guys do. And every single time I see Thurz he has a new pair of kicks that inspire such envy in me that it's worth my life not to rip them off his feet (we wear the same size). So this song might be old, and these guys might be beyond it by now, but let's not forget where they came from and how dope this song still is. KREAM people.


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