(BEWARE!!) Google Cracking Down on Music Blogs? (BEWARE!!)

12:27:00 PM

Imagine having a music blog where new songs are shared with a plethora of visitors to your site. Now imagine going to view those same pages where the song was, and noticing the entire page is gone. This is the accusation many bloggers in Los Angeles are throwing around. All the bloggers happen to use Google’s Blogger platform.

According to LA Weekly, Google is now allegedly pulling the plug on any suspected copyright infringement material they say violate their terms of service. They use to send out a written warning first, but now entire pages are being pulled.

“I’d received the label’s press releases and followed their directions, spending my time and energy to promote their albums,” one frustrated blogger told the LA Weekly. “By pulling down my post, they destroyed my intellectual creativity, the very same thing they’re erroneously accusing me of doing. Say someone had linked to that post, or [blog aggregator] Hype Machine — it’s gone completely. If I go into my Blogger table of contents, it’s gone. Not de-published — gone.”

A Google spokesperson has responded to the hoopla, saying, “When we are notified of content that may violate our terms of service, including clear notices of alleged copyright infringement, we act quickly to review it, and our response may include removing allegedly infringing material.”

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