Prodigy - Product_Of_The_80's-2008 (XXXCLUSSIVE!)

12:58:00 AM

New York in the 1980's:

Crack cocaine, Reaganomics, The Cold
War, The Iran-Contra scandal, U.S. Recession, Wall Street
greed and collapse, the explosion of graffiti and
break-dancing, the advancement of Hip Hop into the
consciousness of America. The decade was a nefarious era, the
city landscaped in political turmoil and economic crisis. But
out of this wreckage came the development of what had been
dismissed as a fad into a thriving industry called Hip Hop, a
creative juggernaut which went on to change the world.
Prodigy, Big Twins and Un Pacino were raised in this era. Born
in the late 70's, they grew up in a culture steeped in
controversy and contradiction. Each walked a path through the
rotted streets, by any means necessary. Violence, poverty,
drugs and indulgence were part and parcel. This project
harkens back to this epoch through the frontline survivors

Likewise, the contributing producers draw exclusively from the
records that were garnered in that fundamentally diametric
period. Welcome to "Product of the 80s"

Prior to his current incarceration, Prodigy made a home at
Dirt Class Studios in Brooklyn. Often he arrived alone and
left alone. No entourage, no groupies, no crew. This left the
emphasis on Prodigy, the man and his words. Dirt Class became
his sanctuary where he could productively write and record
without distraction. The duo of Joey and Bravo (better known
as Sid Roams) hosted these sessions and provided the bulk of
the soundtrack. The chemistry was evident and the result was a
copious amount of new material from Prodigy. The result of
this effort is uncut and undiluted "Product of the 80s".

"They Want Me Dead (feat. Hard White)" is the hidden bonus track
@ the end of the cd....

01. Intro 00:36
02. Waddup Gz (prod. by Sid Roams) 03:19
03. Shed Thy Blood (feat. Un Pacino) (prod. by Jake One) 02:45
04. Boxcutters (feat. Big Twin) (prod. by Sid Roams) 03:29
05. Catch Body Music (prod. by Sid Roams) 03:37
06. P Keep Spittin (prod. by Sid Roams) 02:44
07. Test Tube Babies (prod. by Sid Roams) 04:03
08. Cold World (prod. by Sid Roams) 02:41
09. Anytime (feat. Un Pacino) (prod. by Sid Roams) 03:05
10. Stop Stressin (prod. by Sid Roams & Benny Needles) 03:25
11. Damn Daddy (feat. Big Twins & Un Pacino) (prod. by Jake One) 03:28
12. Sex, Drugs, & Murder (feat. Big Twings & Un Pacino) 04:44
(prod. by Sid Roams)
13. In The Smash (feat. Big Twins) (prod. by Sid Roams) 03:34
14. Circle Don't Stop (feat. Big Twins & Chinky) 03:19
(prod. Sid Roams)
15. Am I Crazy? (prod. by Sebb) 09:37

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