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This is KING PHAZE from YONKERS, NEW YORK. I' am the artist who has the new song out called "YONKERS ANTHEM" KING PHAZE FT. STYLES P, SHEEK LOUCH & DMX. I'm writing this statement in regards to the last BIG MIKE mix tape which featured my song "YONKERS ANTHEM" with out me on it.

The first time I herd about my verse being chopped off was from BIG MIKE him self. I got a phone call from BIG MIKE the day his mix tape dropped. BIG MIKE was very apologetic, his exact words were, PHAZE, I'm very sorry, my mixing engineer messed up your song when he put the final CD together and some how your verse got chopped off. BIG MIKE said PHAZE, I' am very sorry and I will make it up to you. BIG MIKE said he will putting out the "YONKERS ANTHEM" again on his next mix tape along with one of my new songs


I was real heated about the whole situation in general and was about to get real dirty, but BIG MIKE calling me like a man and taking responsibility for his actions decently helped the situation not esculate to the next level. Coming from a artist, A&R, engineer & producer backround, I don't see how the first half of a song could get chopped off by accident. You would have to make a dump of the song in pro-tools and actually chop off the beginning of the song and than make a new bounce of the song in order to chop my verse off the song.

If I would have herd the mix tape before BIG MIKE called me, we defiantly be fist fighting, and I have a army of L. K. soldier's ready to move at any second, but I did respected the fact that BIG MIKE called me like a man and took responsibility and apologized to me.

BIG MIKE was the first person to debut the song "THE WRONG WAY"!

With that said I want to thank for correcting the situation and placing the correct version of my song on your site.

You will hear more KING PHAZE on the new BIG MIKE mix tape with the corrected version of the "YONKERS ANTHEM" from KING PHAZE FT. STYLES P, SHEEK LOUCH & DMX. Also go to this is the official KING PHAZE myspace page.

YOU COULD DOWNLOAD ALL THE SONGS ON MY PAGE FOR FREE INCLUDING "YONKERS ANTHEM"! Thank you to all of my fans for showing me all the love that I been getting.

My new mix tape "YONKERS ROCK STAR" is coming soon.


King Phaze

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  1. yo its chris depomp... wtf im from yonkers too! they forgot me for the anthem.. assholes


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