yes....the inevitable has happened!! (CAP-1)

2:31:00 AM

Ni99as is hungry...its recession out this bitch

So I am starting to feel as though I am Yung Berg's personal reporter because every week he has a new dramatic incident. And this weekend was no different!

So directly from the source here is what happenned:

Yung Berg was in Detroit for a Summer Jam show on Saturday, when he arrived in town on Friday night him and his friends and security guard decided they wanted to hit the clubs. Little did they know that "Plan B" nightclub was owned by "Trick Trick" a Detroit based gangster/rapper who is also signed to Berg's label (Koch Records). Prior to that Berg and his camp had beef with Trick Trick's camp because one of them used to manage his hypeman "Cap 1". So without knowing that the club was owned by Trick Trick they made their way there. When they arrived and headed to the bar to get a few drinks and the mayhem unfolded. They were surrounded by a whole bunch of goons and his security guard was choked until he passed out, followed by Cap 1 and Yung Berg getting brutally beaten and robbed. Now from what I am hearing Trick Trick was not involved in the beatdown but they were his peoples. After that Berg left town the next morning skipping the show he was in town for in fear of more altercations and utter shame.

I am hearing the Transformers chain which was taken in the brawl (still unclear to me why he would think he was good like that to wear it) is being offered back to him at a nice price $$...well for his sake he better get that chain back and stay the hell out of Detroit!!

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