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that 1990s group members Pete Rock and CL Smooth are feuding. In an interview with Yo Raps magazine ( Pete Rock said the following about his former partner:
I know people want to know about me and CL Smooth I am just going to put this out there and hopefully CL will read this and he will want to help himself. If you’re over 30 years old and acting like a teenager and wanting the wrong things; when it comes to hip hop, working for the wrong things instead of the right things.

I’m not anyone’s father and trying to tell them how to live or how to be. But at the same time I’m in this for straight positivity, you know. Feeding my family and do good things in hip hop, teach young kids how to make beats. And he’s into the totally opposite of that. He’s totally negative, you know. Negative thoughts, negative sh*t, negative things that he does.

You know, to have a partner like that is very hard, to be with someone that doesn’t have genuine love for you. I’m just gonna put it out there like that, we’re just two different people that do not get along.

I don’t tolerate any disrespect from no man or woman. You know, it is what it is! It’s like oil and water you know what I mean. When you’re in a group with someone you have to always think about the other person.

But when the other person doesn’t think anything about you and you are making the beats and doing all the work… There is a time in your life when everyone has to grow up, that’s it!

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