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9:32:00 PM

KRS-One has joined the Duck Down family, where he hopes to release a collaborative album with Buckshot. Duck Down really had no choice in this situation. After all, it’s hard to turn down the guy who inspired the name of your label.

From the Press Release:

Three tracks have already been recorded and the chemistry between the two artists is very natural. Buckshot described the work as “CONFLOSATION, even when KRS ONE is flowing he’s having a conversation with his audience. This collaboration with KRS-ONE is going to be an album full of Hip-Hop conversation, ranging from New World Order, to socially conscious topics such as unemployment, poverty, and politics.

What’s that, his 25th album? Well, it looks like the Teacha will be rapping way into his 60s. Between him and Chuck D, we’ll have plenty of grumpiness to go around in the next decade and beyond.

01 Intro F. Rakim
02 TodayÆs Topics F. Chuck D
03 Our Soldiers F. Cx
04 Money F. MC Lyte
05 We Dem Teachas F. Keith Stewart
06 Better & Better F. Pee-Doe
07 The Way ItÆs GoinÆ Down
08 The Teacha Returns
09 The Real Hiphop F. Nas
10 Watch This! F. S-Five
11 WhatÆs Your Plan?
12 All Right F. Just Blaze
13 Dont Get So High (Dancehall Mix)
14 I Got You
15 All My Love F. Carlet Boseman
16 Over 30 (Remix)
17 Getaway
18 Dont Give It Up F. S-Five
19 Gro---Oh!(Hiphop Nation) F. S-Five
20 Its All Love F. Non-Stop
21 Wachanoabout F. Vince Flores On Guitar


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