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learned that Jay Z's Two Kings party this past weekend didn't go off as smoothly as planned. According to a person working at the party, two notorious New Orleans goons nearly shut the entire party down ... and had Jay Z and Lebron James running for their lives!!!

Here's what our insider is reporting:
Two New Orleans [big wigs] named Big Man (Don) and Stuntman come to the club on a regular basis and spends thousands of dollars.. Well they have access to the whole club and they where trying to go speak to Rocsi from 106 & Park, but that meant they had to cross thru Jay-Z section and that's when hell broke lose.

Jay-Z's personal security didn't know who Stunt and Big Man were, so the big White Russian [security guard] had the audacity to put his hands on Big Man and attempt to throw him out. Luckily big man was cool but Stunt is a hot head and was ready for war.

The police detail that [Jay Z] hired was able to calm him down. The police went back up to Jay-Z's security and explain to them that they need to chill out and that Big Man and Stunt had there own section. And that they were just passing thru to speak to someone.

Jay Z and Lebron where very cool about it and apologized and I think they fired the big Russian for f*ckin up the night ....

But like I said, Stunt is a hot head and wanted the White [security guard] handled and expressed that to Jay-Z's people so they were a little nervous to leave.

We had to basically insure them that Big man was straight and nobody was waiting for them outside. But they left right after we gave them the assurance that they was straight.

Apparently Jay and Lebron high-tailed it out of there after only being at the party for about an hour. And get this, Jay Z- left Beyonce in the party where stuff was about to pop off!! What a gentleman....

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  1. I heard about Jay and Lebron from a story over on Highbrid Nation and I honestly don't see Lebron leaving Cleveland to be with Jay. He seems like one of the few athletes around today with integrity and loyalty. I could be wrong though.


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