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This has to be the craziest thing that we've ever heard. MediaTakeOut.com spoke with a person inside Eminem's camp who says that the platinum-rapper has signed on to join the World Wrestling Entertainment.

The insider, who is a well-known member of Eminem's inner circle, agreed to give MediaTakeOut.com an exclusive interview. He explained, "Eminem's in training right now, he's taking private [wrestling] lessons and working on strength training ... All those reports of him being fat are crazy. He's 210 pounds of solid muscle."

And the insider claims that Eminem is about 3 to 4 months away from making his debut. The tipster told MediaTakeOut.com, "He's not doing this as a joke either, he's really committed to being a wrestler. Wait and see, he's going to be flipping [other wrestlers] and doing all that crazy [EXPLETIVE]."

Hey, we're not doubting dude. Who woulda believed that he could have taken over the world of hip hop like he did...

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  1. OHHHH!!! He is soooo hot! I cant wait to see him fight and win! Me and my sis loved him as a rapper and we will LOVE him evan more NOW! I can't wait till he fights and till his movie San Andreas either forget John Cena ........Eminem!!!


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