You Mean To Tell Me That Reality Show Romances Are Fake?!

11:44:00 AM

Tailor Made is cheating on New York?! Say it ain't so! Tailor Made and his new lovely tranny, New York, are engaged, but Gatecrasher reports that at his company Christmas party Tailor Made was all over other chicks or should I say "real" chicks.

Tailor Made works for the fashion company Marc Ecko and was acting the fool at their Xmas party last week. A source said, "He was dancing, and kissing a blond with curly hair, then holding hands with a girl with short straight brown hair." He was also falling over left and right. When some girl helped him up, he hit on her too. It's his last chance to get any real vagina.

He did however talk about New York and how much he loved her. Vh1 probably called him and reminded him to do so.

Speaking of Xmas parties. Don't you just love company Christmas parties? I really enjoy watching the office manager down a dozen shots of Patron, riding her skirt up to YMCA, making out with the boyfriend of one of the admin assistants and then ralphing her dinner into a urinal in the men's room. Sound familiar? Yeah, I'm sure that was you at your company Christmas party!

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