Tony "DO U"

12:50:00 PM

Some skank has told she had an affair with Tony Parker after their July 7 wedding.

SMH. Why do tramps always want the world to know just how big their cavity is?

Anyhoo, according to the skank Eva isn’t too adventuresome in the bedroom, which really.. is it any surprise?

“He said that Eva sexually speaking does not want to do certain things. She do not want to make love in front of a mirror, does not like certain position and thinks that sperm gives acne,” Alexandra told X17online.

Ahaha. In other words, it’s not that she doesn’t like it doggie style or up the butt or on a swing or any of that. The real issue is that Eva Longoria doesn’t like facials and this French Victoria’s Secret model Alexandra Paressant looooovvvveeeessss the jizz.

No doubt Tony points his ginormous black rooster at her and just lets it unload all over her pretty face. I can just see her rubbing it all over herself, because, you know, that’s what I like to do, I mean, that’s what skanks do. Exactly.

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  1. You're just a fucking hater...if you were as hot as her, you'd be doing rich guys too.

    btw, why are all the feminists ugly bitches?


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