Kanye West - Freshmen Adjustment Vol.1-3 {bootleg} 05'-07'

12:14:00 PM

02.Doing Fine
03.Self Conscious (A.K.A Yeah)
04.Gossip Files
05.Wack Niggaz Feat. Talib Kweli
06.I Need To Know
07.Out Of Your Mind
08.Livin' In A Movie
09.Drop Dead Gorgeous Feat. Murphy Lee
10.Wow Feat. GLC
12.Hey Mama
13.The Good, The Bad, The Ugly Feat. Consequence
14.Keep The Receipt Feat. Dirt Mcgirt (O.D.B.)

DOWNLOAD: http://lix.in/01617f

01 Intro (Ft.John Legend)
02 We Can't Tell
03 Half Price
04 A Million
05 Excuse Me Miss (Remix Ft.Jay-Z)
06 Would You Like to Ride (Ft.Malik Yusef
07 On 10 in A Benz (Ft.Rhymefest)
08 The Roc in Here
09 Overreact (Ft.Consequence)
10 Changing Lanes (Ft.Chops)
11 I Met Oprah
12 My Girlfriend
13 Last Night
14 Wack Niggaz Pt.2 (Ft.Common, Cons & Ta
15 Neva Gon Stop Me (Ft.the Go Getters)
16 Together They're Tens
17 Girls Girls Grils (Re-Remix)
18 Self Conscious (Poetry Style)
19 03' Til Infinity (Ft.Consequence)
20 Better than Yours (Ft.Common)
21 Untitled

DOWNLOAD: http://lix.in/bb9159

01.Jesus Walks (Remix) Feat. Mase & Common
02.Hold on (Remix) Feat. Dwele
03.Fly Away Feat. Miri Ben-Ari, Fabolous & Musiq
04.Gold Digger (Live on SNL)
05.Behind Us Feat. Ludacris & the Game
06.What You Do to Me Feat. Infamous Syndicate
07.We Can Make it Better Feat. Talib, Q-Tip,Common & Rhymefest
08.All Falls Down (Live)
09.New Workout Plan (Remix) Feat. Luke, Twista & Farnsworth
10.U Know Feat. Whiteboy & B-Lo
11.Drop Dead Gorgeous (Revised) Feat. Murphy Lee
12.Back Like that (Remix) Feat. Ghostface & Ne-Yo
13.Back to Basics Feat. Common
14.Heard `em Say (Live on SNL)
15.Crack Music (Poetry Style)
16.You Feat. Mela
17.Take it as A Loss Feat. Consequence
18.Get by (Remix) Feat. Mos Def, Jay-Z, Busta & Talib
19.Everything I Got Feat. Termanology
20.Throw Some D's (Remix)
15.Heavy Hitters Feat. GLC
16.My Way
18.'03 Electric Relaxation Feat.Consequence (Bonus Track)
19.All Falls Down Feat. Lauryn Hill (Bonus Track)
20.Through The Wire(Freestyle Remix) (Bonus Track)

DOWNLOAD: http://lix.in/3a5f5f

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