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Raz B’s brother, Ricky Romance, tonight and for the first time, he is starting to talk about the criminal prosecution of Chris Stokes for molesting him and his brother. He also suggests for the first time, “all the artists at Stokes record label, TUG, were touched.

Ricky: But we were both molested by Chris Stokes. And he’s sick. And I wish we would have just been family. You know, it hurts my feelings to have to talk to him and to have to go through all of these different situations and conversations just to try to get a resolution. There ain’t no resolution. The resolution is the DA needs to pick up this case and it needs to be handled.

Here is a quote from E Jizza, the CEO of Raz-B and Ricky’s JMC Management Group, further verifying that Chris Stokes is a pedo:

“I’ve been quiet but not any longer. This story is just developing, if you don’t remember I’M the CEO of Ricky, and Raz outside company JMC Management Group. RAZ WAS FORCED INTO THAT APOLOGY AND TRUST ME THIS S**T IS DEEP. If you take a close look at the video he couldn’t even look at the lens this was some street shit. But will be handle the proper way. Like Ricky said in the letter chris stokes is like a gay version of Suge Knight. Best way to say it if that makes sense. Get ready the F**k Chris Stokes Campaign is just getting started. It’s 100% true. Chris can’t find me!”

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