Rappers Screen Y’all Security: Tupac’s Former Bodyguard Was a FBI Agent

5:38:00 PM

First Tupac, now T.I.! Rappers need to do background checks and piss tests on their security. Them ni&&as be trying to take rappers down! Here is Tupac’s old Bodyguard admitting that he worked for Death Row and he was planted by the FBI!!!

During a Q&A screening for the new DVD, "Tupac Assassination - Conspiracy or Revenge?" Kevin Hackie revealed for the first time that he was an FBI agent -- not an informant, which had been previously reported. Hackie worked undercover as a bodyguard for Death Row from 1992-1996. Shakur died on September 13, 1996.

Kevin Hackie is now retired from law enforcement and runs a private security firm. "Tupac Assassination" is in stores Tuesday, October 23.

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