6:30:00 AM

Far be it for me to make any accusations, but an individual from the Mobb Deep camp is talking to me like a little birdie would talk. I heard the group’s old manager jacked unreleased tracks for use in his own private underground distribution network. It was revealed recently that this guy allegedly released several albums without the groups knowledge or permission. Now, what happened is, these Mobb Deep albums were just popping up out of nowhere. They were so nowhere, I’m not sure what CD’s they are talking about. But, the manager was long suspected but once label executives at G-Unit Records discovered his identity, they fired him. I even heard 50 Cent was involved and the man was fired at a recent Mobb Deep show. According to rumor, others have followed suit like Forty Glocc, Kymani Marley and others. I don’t know if this is all true, but I hope the troops don’t go stormin’ the fort over this. Just make more money or take it to court.

Also, Prodigy recently played his last show as a free man at Webster Hall. I kind of feel sorry for P. It really seems like the cops did him dirty. It is not above them, as we all know.

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