Dame Dash Opens Up About Jay-Z, Roc-A-Fella and Kanye

10:31:00 PM

It seems as though Dame Dash is done with the biz as he stated, “I’m retired really from music,” in a recent interview. He continued, “I set up Dame Dash Music Group for all the artists I knew were going to get dropped when the sale happened.” A year later Dame dissolved the company. “To be honest, if I can’t make history again, I don’t want to do it.” And what a history Dash had. “People told me don’t mess with Jay-Z at all, then I did, and the same exact people told me ‘Nah Kanye’s not the one…including Jay-Z,” Dash explained. “Then when he came out, everybody’s up under him. It’s hard to keep arguing about things you know are right.” Despite the fact that Kanye stayed with Jay-Z after the Roc-A-Fella fallout, Dash said he’s happy to see Ye win. “More power to him,” Dash said. “I think it’s a good thing that someone that was probably kicked around his whole life is now empowered; it’s just what he does with it. The only thing that’s bothersome about Kanye’s situation is that everyone’s still eating off it except me. I would have poly’d that deal a little different. Everyone that’s still eating off him is everyone that said he couldn’t make it, but other than that I’m happy to see what he does.”

When asked about his relationship with other Roc-A-Fella artists, he answered with his own list of questions. “Are there any other [artists],” Dash asked. “Does Roc-A-Fella still exist? I haven’t seen the chain around lately, so I don’t know. When I left it was different. And not to be arrogant or be happy but it’s the truth. What do you think about the other Roc-A Fella artists? Are they gonna come out? It’s been about 5 years.” Dame’s dedication to the label has not completely dwindled. Just recently BlockSavvy.com, the social networking site established by Dame and his partner Kareem “Biggs” Burke, gave their listeners an opportunity to hear Beyond Reasonable Doubt, which is a tribute mixtape put together by Dash before his beef with Jay-Z. The mixtape includes Kanye West, Beanie Siegel, Freeway and other Roc artists doing their own renditions of Jay-Z classics in honor of the 10th Anniversary of Reasonable Doubt. “You know we gotta get that traffic,” Dame said in reference to Block Savvy before adding, “Reasonable Doubt was really the only thing we 100% owned and it was very reflective of us, not Jay – me, Jay, Biggs and the movement. That’s why Reasonable Doubt was a classic. I listen to that shit and every single thing said…I remember to a tee what he was talking about, because a lot of that shit was us. I A&R’d that project, so I know what music I brought, when we did it, who produced it, how we paid them, the changes that we made and I always thought it should be celebrated on a lot of levels because it was reflective of us and we owned it. We can make money from it forever, so I wanted to do something that paid homage to it.”

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